I want to thank God for His many blessings on my family and me . I have been married to the love of my life, Marlene, for over 40 years. God has given us two wonderful children, Melissa and Stephen. We also have four blessed grandchildren, Corey, Jacob, Caleb, and Natalie. I began my music ministry in 1976, playing drums and singing with my wife, my sister, her husband and his sister. In 1987, I began traveling, playing bass and driving the bus for a quartet. Finally in 1992, with God’s help my son and I began The Foundations Ministries. It had long been a personal dream and prayer of mine to have a ministry made up of my family members. With my daughter joining us in January of 2005, my dream has come true! And now her children are singing too!

Even though we have traveled many miles for the Lord, each time we head out is like a fresh new journey. I can barely wait to see what the Lord has in store for His people and who He will bless next. It is my prayer that you already know of and possess the joy of which I speak. If not, choose today to be the “whosoever” that Jesus talked of in John 3:16. Come and drink from His fountain…and never thirst again.

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